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Help - Results & Toolbar (Legislation)

Your search results are organized in a series of tabs. These tabs and the toolbar at the top (and bottom) of the record display page allow you to view and mark records retrieved for printing and saving.

Use the description of the tabs below as a guide to viewing your search results.

Tabs for Viewing Search Results
Results Hints & Tips
Toolbar Buttons

For information on how you can find legislation and standards from the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation plus Standards service, see Help - Legislation plus Standards in the sidebar.

Tabs for Viewing Search Results

Simply click on a tab to view the search results by:

Summary The results are organized by collection. The number of results and a brief description of the type of information in each collection helps you choose which collection to use. The collections/databases accessible by subscription* are listed first, followed by our Additional Resources.

Collection Each collection has its own tab across the top of the results page, e.g. Legislation plus Standards, CHEMpendium, etc. For each collection:
  • the tabs down the left side list the Legislation and Standards included in that collection.
  • the All Results tab displays the results from all the collections.

Tip:   Grey tabs contain no results. Blue tabs contain results. The white tab is currently open.

Note*:    You can search the collections/databases and view the results for FREE! However, you need a password to view the actual records for subscription products. To subscribe, contact CCOHS Client Services.

7-day FREE Trials are also available.

Results Hints & Tips

  • The results are listed in order of relevance as shown by the score - the higher the score the more relevant the record.

  • Grey tabs contain no results. This could occur because you searched a single web collection and you have only one active tab. You can expand your search results by searching across all collections from the Web Information Service home page.

  • You can modify your search on the Search Results page and click on SEARCH to generate new results.

  • To view a database record, click on the title/name of the record.

  • To quickly find your search term or a string of characters within the document you are viewing:
  • click on the Edit menu and Find (on This Page) or press CTRL+F, and
  • enter the characters to be found, e.g. acute and click on Find Next.
  • The Show Contents button allows you to easily move through the contents of long document/record using the list of available sections -- similar to the Table of Contents is a book. You can expand the levels of the contents listing to show the available sections. This feature allows you to jump to a specific location in the document. To hide the list of sections, click Show Contents to toggle this feature off. See the help on using the Show Contents toolbar buttons.

  • To select and save a graphic, using your mouse, point to the graphic and then right-click. From the pop-up menu, select Save Image As. The file is saved as a graphic file, e.g. usually .gif or .jpg.

Tip:   To make cross-database searches more effective, the synonyms from CHEMINDEX (on CHEMpendium) have been incorporated in several of the chemical databases. These added names improve searching and also provide a list of synonyms in the search results. Where provided on the Search Results screen, click on the SYN button to easily view the list of synonyms.

Toolbar Buttons

Tip: Green buttons are on/active. Blue buttons are off/inactive. Click on a button to toggle the feature on or off.
Button Button Name Allows you to:
   Show/Hide Toolbar Close the toolbar so the toolbar is hidden when printing/saving database records. Click on this button and the record is refreshed showing a small icon in place of the toolbar.
Back to Results Return to the listing of search results (and exit from viewing a database record).
Show Term(s) Highlight search terms while viewing database records. Your search terms are automatically highlighted, i.e. indoor air quality. In order to print a database record without the highlighting, click on the green Show Term(s) button to toggle off (blue button is off) the highlighting before printing the record.
Show Contents View the list of sections in a document and allows you to easily move through the contents of long documents. This feature is similar to the Table of Contents is a book. You can expand the levels of the contents listing to show the available sections and jump to a specific location in the document.
  • view All Sections (the default).
  • Click on the arrow icon for a section to expand or collapse that level or section.
  • Click on a part/section to go to that location in the document.
  • LOGIN Notification Service This service allows you to receive an automatic e-mail notification when a change occurs to documents you have marked for tracking.
    • You can subscribe service from the Subscriber Extras! tab and then use your email address and the password you access the service.
    • While viewing a document, you can add or remove the document to your custom tracking list called My Legislation List.
    • You can view the documents you have added to your custom tracking list by accessing your My Legislation List in the sidebar of the Subscriber Extras! page under Your Account.
    Results for Pages 1-5 Display the results in a series of pages . The most relevant records are listed at the top of page 1. Click on a number to go to that page of results or click on next to select a page number greater than 5.

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