The CHEMINDEX database is a convenient guide to information resources on over 185,000 chemicals. Each CHEMINDEX record contains identification information on a unique chemical substance, including chemical names and synonyms, the CAS registry number, and a list of all the CCINFOdisc databases containing information on that substance. The major databases are available on CCINFOWeb

There are over 20 CCINFO databases containing information on over 185,000 distinct chemical substances. Using CHEMINDEX, users can conveniently and quickly locate information on chemical names and specific CAS Registry Numbers.

Records are in English.

Producer    Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Content    Records contain information such as: Coverage
Current information extracted from the chemical databases in the CCINFO collection, namely all databases which contain information on chemicals and are searchable using CAS registry numbers. There are approximately 20 databases containing information on over 185,000 substances.

Updates    Updated semi-annually.

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