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About the Web Information Service

Our Web Information Service provides simple, one-step searching across all our database collections, including: well as several additional resources, including:

Three Search Options

General searches conducted using the Web Information Service search box (on the Web Information Service home page) search across all the databases in the service. This method provides the most comprehensive results and is the recommended approach to searching the Service. Results are presented on a Summary Page where users can follow links or select tabs to easily navigate through all the search results to find the information they are looking for.

Collection-specific searches can be narrowed and conducted across a single web collection or a specific database within a collection. By linking to MSDS plus CHEMINFO, CHEMpendium™, RTECS®, OSH References, and Canadian enviroOSH Legislation search pages from the Web Information Service home page, users can conduct a search that will produce search results for that collection only. Searches can then be modified directly from the Search Results page.

Advanced searches, allowing "field-specific" searching, are available for a number of databases by following links on the collection-specific search page. [More about...]

Search Results

Clear, organized search results pages allow you to:

  • view a summary of the search results at the top of each page
  • switch between collection results using tabs and/or links
  • mark/submit records for printing and/or saving
  • modify your search and display new results


Access to extensive user documentation (Help) is available in the sidebar throughout the service. Subscribers also have access to FREE technical support via phone, fax or e-mail.

  Try it for yourself - Visit our Web Information Service search page, type in your search query and view the search results quickly with this simple user interface - but remember you'll need a user name and password to view the full records.
Contact CCOHS Client Services for your password.


Pricing varies for each Collection. See the individual Collection pages using the links at the top of this page.

Your annual subscription to any Collection also includes:

  • Monthly or quarterly Web updates*
  • FREE technical support
  • LIAISON (quarterly user newsletter)

  • * database specific


An (M)SDS management service that provides you with access to a customized collection of (M)SDSs specific to your workplace. For further information and pricing details contact CCOHS Client Services at 1-800-668-4284 or

Attention Academic Institutions

Our Academic Support Program is a collection of CCOHS OSH databases, specially selected and priced for colleges, universities, or other degree granting institutions.

Attention Labour Union Training Centres

Our Labour Support Program is a collection of CCOHS OSH databases, specially selected and priced for labour training centres.

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